Unit 2

Das Buch Hiob

Dürer - St. Jerome
St. Jerome in his Study - Albrecht Dürer


Read Das Buch Hiob (Book of Job)

First read the guiding questions, then read the text, taking notes as you go along.

Write your responses to the following questions. You may respond either to individual questions or combine several into short essays. Post your responses to the Discussion Board. (Discussion Board Posting 4)


Read Das Buch Hiob (Book of Job), Chapters 1 - 5, 39, 42 (skim through the remaining chapters)


  1. Describe the state and condition of Job when the book begins.
  2. Describe the relationship between God and Satan in this book.
  3. Who brings up the name of Job first?
  4. What is at stake in the disagreement between God and Satan concerning Job?
  5. What happens to Job as a result of this conversation?
  6. What happens when God and Satan meet for the second time?
  7. How does Job react to what has happened to him?
  8. How does the reaction of Job compare with the reaction of his wife and his friends?
  9. When God and Job discuss what has happened, how does God explain things?
  10. How does Job respond to God?
  11. What happens to Job at the end of the book?
  12. Were you already familiar with this story? Were there any discoveries for you in this reading?

When you have completed this part of the lesson, continue to Goethe's Faust, Part I.