Evil and the Quest for Knowledge: the Matter of Faust

An On-line, Multi-Media Course
Instructor:  Anita Campitelli, Lecturer in German

Christopher Marlowe
Christopher Marlowe

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Thomas Mann
Thomas Mann


The archetypal figure of Faust has played an important part in the imaginative life of Western culture for over six centuries. He is the quintessential modern man, scorning tradition in favor of experience, faith in favor of reason, and pursuing his quest for knowledge even at the expense of his soul. He represents the spirit of the Renaissance, the dawning age of science and scepticism and an uneasy relationship with religion. In this seminar we look at the changing fate of Faust, from condemnation to redemption and back, as we in the industrialized world struggle with our own questions about what we pay socially, environmentally and spiritually for our technological progress.

Sir Henry Irving as Mephistopheles

An On-line, 3-Credit CourseThis curriculum presents in a web-based format the same content as in the course offered on-campus.

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  • a minimum of 6 hours per week reading, writing and preparing for participation in the discussion group.

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