Unit 4

Melencolia I - Dürer
Melencolia I - 1517 - Albrecht Dürer


Summary Questions

Answer the following questions thoughtfully and in detail, with references to the text and to the research and background Wikis. Most likely you will need several paragraphs to respond. Compose your essays in an organized manner with an introduction, a middle and a conclusion.

Post your responses to the Discussion Board. 

Discussion Board Posting 17

1.  Comment on the novel’s treatment of:  art and artist, health and sickness, individual and society, nature of evil, sexuality, science and modern consciousness.

2.  How does Thomas Mann make use of earlier versions of the legend in his novel?

3.  Has the concept of evil changed from earlier versions of the legend?  What has become of evil?

4. How does Thomas Mann comment on historical events throughout the novel? How does he make use of historical figures? Describe how the following historical figures played a part in the novel: Friedrich Nietzsche, Hugo Wolf, Ludwig van Beethoven, Arnold Schoenberg, Soren Kierkegaard and Martin Luther.

5.. Describe Thomas Mann's life circumstances and the role his family, friends and acquaintances played in the novel.