¡Prepárate! El Programa de Verano de UNCG en Madrid, España


Primera Semana

getting acquainted with each other
(10 minutes) (large group)

Me llamo . . . ¿Cómo te llamas?
Mucho gusto. Encantado. Encantada.

laying the groundwork: what do you know about Spain?
(15 minutes) (small group)


discuss geography: location, size, mountains, rivers, climate
(HANDOUT: MAP) (20 minutes)
discuss government, monarchy, constitution, autonomous communities (10 minutes)

practical advice: budget, what to bring, changing money, arrival, telephone, roommates

(15 minutes)

*Madrid: where (map, maps), photos, ideas on places to visit (5 min.) postcards web-links

HOMEWORK: HANDOUT: Vocabulario, Geografía (1 minute)