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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Many of Goethe's poems were set to music and are featured in this site.

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Johannes Brahms

"German for Music Lovers" is a collection of language-learning resources for students, teachers and anyone who loves music. Ranging in style from classical to hiphop, from rock to rap, each song is furnished with a German/English vocabulary and supplemented with interesting links.

On the Index page, the songs are arranged in alphabetical order by title under the heading "Musik."

"German for Music Lovers" is a rewarding approach for adults. Mature students learn better with techniques that circumvent natural inhibitions. The music, poetry and visual, web-based lessons make learning German easier and more pleasurable.  

The Links page provides a wealth of other websites useful to Germanophiles.

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From Wim Wenders' film "Der Himmel über Berlin"

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Many Germans enjoy the social criticism and musical genius of Frank Zappa


Grammar instruction is clear and elementary, assuming very little previous knowledge. On-line tutorials and exercises with answer keys supplement the texts. Students can work at their own pace and repeat exercises as often as needed. Additional links provide a wealth of instructional resources, practice material and drills, as well as to interesting German-language sites associated with the songs or the artists.



For an on-line "textbook" for every level of learner, look under the heading "Grammatik: Grammatical Tools" on the Index page.

For an on-line "workbook," go to the "Worksheets" page.

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Instruction of Basic Grammatical Terms and Concepts

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Die Toten Hosen

Anyone with an interest in German language or culture is invited to use this site. Enjoy!

Viel Vergnügen beim Lernen!
May you find much satisfaction in your studies!

This site includes song lyrics only.
A good place to access recordings is your local library or music store.
There are many on-line sites through which recordings are available.

Do not overlook YouTube! There is a great deal of music on YouTube and many of the songs in the site can be found there.

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