¡Prepárate! El Programa de Verano de UNCG en Madrid, España

Páginas en internet útiles

Informaciones sobre España

  1. Sí Spain An extremely rich site directed by the Ambassador of Spain with the cooperation of scholars from Spain, Canada, the U.S. and Peru. It contains information on Spanish history, customs, holidays, geography, culture and much more. You can choose to read the site in English, Spanish or German.
  2. The Official Website for Tourism in Spain Multimedia resources on myriad topics, a rich and attractive site, including virtual tours and a "panoramic flight."

Geografía y historia

  1. What a great site! Maps, maps, maps! including maps showing the development of the modern states, including Spain
  2. source of shaded relief map of Spain
  3. Map of Spain (.com) A site providing a wealth of maps of Spain, country, communities, cities, railway lines and more.
  4. About.com Go Europe Site on Spain: A site with a description and map of the major Unesco natural, geological and archaeological sites in Spain. . Good site on Punic Wars, the fight to the death over Hispania between Carthage and Rome, from Hannibal through Julius Caeser and Augustus
  5. Interactive map showing the extent of the lands of the Celtic tribes and the Romans from 800 B.C.E. to 305 A.D
  6. interactive map showing the territories of the Roman empire
  7. Useful site with a number of maps showing the migration of the Germanic tribes throughout the former Roman empire
  8. A site offering many resources including wonderful pictures and a history of the Jews in Spain
  9. A distinguished site with a thorough but succinct history of Spain from ancient to modern times, links on Spanish economy and government and descriptions of major cities as well.
  10. Muslim Spain and European Culture A lovely site with many pictures of the Alhambra and information and recommended readings to learn more about Muslim Spain.
  11. A large collection of maps from Professor Barbara von Schlegell of Ursinus College in Pennsylvania showing Muslim populations throughout history
  12. Another site with a fine interactive map including resources on Muslim civilization in Spain and elsewhere.
  13. A site featuring fine large maps of the Spanish kingdoms of 1030, 1210 and 1360.
  14. A site with a detailed timeline of the Reconquista
  15. A site showing the empire of Philip II.
  16. Want to more about the War of the Spanish Succession? Try this site.
  17. Timeline of Spanish royalty from 406 onwards, with minimal but useful annotations.


  1. The site of a business dedicated to arranging walking tours of Old Madrid with emphasis on wining and dining. Includes information about food customs and descriptions of typical dishes of Madrid.
  2. An English-language site with lots of information on the Madrid metro system; although some of the price information is a bit outdated it provides pictures, tips and maps to make using the Metro easy ***
  3. Virtual tourist.com Fantastic site with lots of recommendations of every kind to help you make the most of your time in Madrid
  4. Look up the institute where the program classes take place, Colegiata de San Isidro.
  5. Madrid en Guia del Ocio.com: The on-line version of a magazine available at Madrid kiosks every Friday for one euro; the Guia tells you what's up in Madrid the coming week: film, concerts, dance, theater, exhibits, lectures, as well as providing the television schedule. Event information includes times and prices; be sure also to look for the día del espectador when prices are significantly cheaper.
  6. Go Madrid.com has information and links to Madrid's important art museums, as well as lots of other information
  7. Student-oriented website with places to go and things to do in Madrid.





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